Do You Mind ?! Idioms with the word “mind”

Any idea what native speakers or foreigner mean when they growl Do you mind? while looking angrily at you? You must absolutely have done a mistake. So they’re kind of telling you to stop bugging them. In English a lot of idioms use the word “mind”, maybe because the mind plays such an important part making us what we are and what we do. So, guys, here they are: a whole list of these cool expressions.

1. A mind like a steel trap = a very quick and understanding mind, which is quick to catch an idea
ex: People with a mind like a steel trap usually success stories.

2. Be in two minds about something = be unsure, unable to decide
ex: He is in two minds (about) whether to continue his study in German or not.

3. Be out of your mind/not be in your right mind = be mad, crazy
ex: What?! Give our children to them? Never! You must be out of your mind for saying that.

4. Blow someone’s mind = impress or overwhelm someone
ex: Her good attitude really blew everyone’s heart.

5. Change your mind= to make a new and different decision or choice
ex: I dont’ wan’t to be your girlfriend. I’ve change  my mind. I prefer to focus on my study.

6. Cross your mind/pass through your mind = come into your thoughts suddenly
ex: It never crossed my mind that my boyfriend would ended the relationship between us.

7. Get a load off your mind = say what you are thinking
ex: You look so sad, do you have any problem? Please share it with me. Don’t be afraid, you’ll feel better after you get a load off your mind.

8. Give someone a piece of your mind = scold someone
ex : I ‘ve had enough of his rudeness. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.

9. Have something on your mind = be worried about something and often think about it
ex: Please telling me if you have something on your mind, maybe I can help you.

10. Keep/bear something/someone in mind = to remember something/someone
ex: Please keep in mind that woman is not a toy

11. Know your own mind = know exaactly what you want
ex: Mom, I already 20 years old, please don’t always worried about me. I know my own mind and I’ll be responsible for that.

12. Make up your mind = make a decision
ex: Has Aldi made up his mind about the girl he is going to marry?

13. Never mind = It doesn’t matter
ex: Never mind if your business fail now. Make the failure as your experience to do the best in the future.

14. One-track mind = a mind obsessed with only one thing
ex: Lawyer is his one-track mind since he was child.

15. Read someone’s mind = guess what another person is thinking
ex: If I can read her mind. I’m sure she wants to be my girlfriend.

16. Slip your mind = forgotten
ex: Sorry. I can’t go with you, it slipped my mind that I had to go with my mother.

17. Speak your mind = say frankly what you think or feel
ex: You must speak your mind to her immediately.

18. Take your mind off something = take your attention away from something
ex: Please don’t remember her again. You must take your mind off her.

19. Out of sight, out of mind (proverb) = what we don’t see we tend to forget
ex: I don’t think Jeffrey will remember us for long once he’s back in his home town. You know the saying: Out of sight, out of mind.

20. To my mind = in my opinion
ex: To my mind, being a winner of the physics contest is the best achievement that ever happened to my life.

Source : C’nS Magz Vol. 8 No. 61